This interactive data visualization looks at the 2017 Major League Baseball (MLB) win standings. The team with the most wins is shown highest on the chart; the team with the lowest wins total is displayed lowest on the chart. The end user can hover over any circle to see how many wins the team has earned, how many wins back the team is from the division leader, and how many wins back the team is from the Wild Card cutoff (displayed as a dotted line).

This is my third attempt to evolve sports standings from their traditional tabular views to something more visual, and my first outside of Major League Soccer standings. My objective with the visualization was to show the relative performance of all 30 MLB teams in one consolidated view without the need to toggle between division and wild card standings. The main visual is a dumbbell chart and the main interactivity revolves around dynamic tooltips.

The data for this visualization are sourced from and updated automatically through Tableau Public and an IMPORTHTML function in Google Sheets.

Interactive Data Visualization: 2017 MLB Standings Reinvented