This interactive data visualization was created to track my portfolio of US stocks. The box in the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard displays the weighted average return across all of the stocks in the portfolio. Each stock ‘widget’ displays the most recent PPS, or Price Per Share, and what the PPS was on the day I acquired the stock. Dividing today’s PPS by the Day 1 PPS generates the percentage gain or loss. The sparklines display how the percentage gain or loss has trended since the first day I owned the stock. The end user can also hover over data points for additional information. Lastly, the title bars for each stock will change color based on whether their respective overall returns have been positive or negative.

My US Stock Portfolio was created with a ‘mobile-first’ design. Viewing the visualization on a phone results in a single column of stacked widgets while viewing on a desktop device displays a three-column by four-row table. For the best experience, use this link.

This was my first foray into completely automated Tableau Public visualizations. The data is sourced through a free membership to and pulled into a Google Sheets document that is updated automatically each day. Tableau Public then refreshes that Google Sheets connection automatically each day. This is an extremely powerful new feature of Tableau Public 10. I will be following up with a blog post about how to automate a Google Sheet for use with Tableau Public, so be sure to subscribe if you want me to send you that update.


Tablueprint 1: My US Stock Portfolio is now available! Learn about mobile-first Tableau design, using Quandl as a data source for stock information, the import functions available in Google Sheets, unions in Tableau, and more.

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This visualization was created for an upcoming post in my wife’s personal finance blog – Heartland Hustle. She literally took her mom on a trip to Hawaii by sheer financial hustling, so her site’s worth checking out and subscribing to as well.

Token disclaimer: I am not a wealth management consultant. While this portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500, this is not meant to be an encouragement to buy any particular stocks – especially those crappy oil stocks I bought. This portfolio also has a lot more risk than the S&P 500, and is only a small component to my overall investment strategy.

Interactive Data Visualization: My US Stock Portfolio