Data is how I put food on the table, and protecting your data is critical to continuing my career as a data visualization author, speaker, consultant, and trainer. I take your data privacy seriously and have personally invested in rigorous approaches to helping maintain your privacy.

This website uses Google Analytics to track non-personally identifiable information such as which pages are viewed and where visitors are stopping by from. This information is analyzed to help provide better content for you to consume should you decide to visit again.

There are also several third-party social media sites integrated here including, but not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and reddit. These integrations are available so you can easily share content with your own community. I’m also able to see which content is being shared and on which networks, which helps me prioritize which content I promote and which social networks to use.

Lastly, you are able to opt-in to email updates that are sent through a third-party email service provider, MailChimp. I treat these opt-ins as personal connections, and will never share your email with anyone, ever. That being said, the third-party services used to collect email addresses and send emails store and have access to your email address. These services are required for me to send you email updates.

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