This interactive data visualization evaluates the Sample – Superstore dataset that comes with every download of Tableau. This project was created to train Tableau users on Tableau tactics, data visualization strategy, and design. If you are interested in following along, please see the list of related resources with explanations below the visualization. You can also subscribe for free to be the first to receive weekly Tableau tips and tutorials.

To use the visualization, start by choosing a date range and a region to highlight. Once highlighted, a US state within a region can be clicked on to filter the descriptive dashboard. You can also choose to look at the performance over equal periods or year over year and/or choose the date granularity (i.e. year, quarter, month, week) of the trend lines.

The prescriptive dashboard can be used to gain insight into the performance shown on the descriptive dashboard. Try out the annotations tab to enter your own insights on the fly!

[Descriptive Dashboard – click to view interactive version] Super Sample Superstore Descriptive

[Prescriptive Dashboard – click to view interactive version]

Super Sample Superstore Prescriptive

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